Class News:

Congratulations to Groome, Phillip, and Craig Fulton......

The Fulton brothers were recently honored for their lifetime commitments to athletics at Guilford College.

Groome is a 1960 alumnus who graduated from Guilford with a degree in economics. Groome has been an active member of the Guilford community since graduation. He has received awards such as the Charles C. Hendricks Distinguished Service Award and is an Emeritus Trustee as well as a former Alumni Board member, in addition to many other leadership roles. Groome has been a long time supporter of several athletic fundraising initiatives and is a member of the Macon Society, a society which honors lifetime giving to Guilford College.

Phillip Fulton graduated from Guilford College in 1962 (well known for being the best class ever at Guilford) with a degree in psychology. As an alumnus, he has served the College as a member of the Alumni Board. Phillip has been a longtime supporter of many areas of Guilford College. He generously provided financial support for several athletic initiatives, including the Quaker Club, which supports NCAA athletics programs here at Guilford.

Craig Fulton is a 1973 alumnus who graduated from Guilford with a degree in sociology and anthropology. He was honored by the College in 1997 with an alumni excellence award. Like his brothers, Craig has been a longtime supporter of several areas of the College, with a focus on Guilford College’s Loyalty Fund, which provides unrestricted support to the College’s “greatest needs,”

We had a Great 2nd 50th Reunion - or should that be a re-reunion? September 28th-29th, 2012

Who came to the Homecoming/Reunion from our Class? (in alphabetical order)

Judy Allen....Chales Baker....Jane Coltrane....Dave Edgerton ....Phil Fulton....Lucia Garcia....Brooks Haworth....Jack Holley....Fred Lomax....James Long....Bob Lovell....Carol Lowe....Danny Moore.... Bob Rosier....Ann Shelton.....Dwight Thomas....

50th Reunion - May 2012 - Golden Circle - Congratulation to our Great Class !

The Mary Hobbs girls also had a Reunion

They met at the New Garden Friends Meeting House in the morning. At 11AM there was a presentation of the planned renovations to Hobbs followed by a very nice lunch at noon.

Around 2PM they all had a tour of Hobbs.


From 2-6 there is an afternoon informal gathering of 1962 classmates at the Community Center, Multi-Purpose Room

Saturday evening 6-10PM we had a wonderful gathering with Dinner and Drinks at Dwight and Becky Thomas' house. Each classmate told a little about what they have been doing since graduation. We had a great meal, but the highlight was Dwight's grandaughter's cup cakes. The best I have ever tasted. You should add these cup cakes to your product line Dwight.

Several times Guilford has had the "Woods Walk to Underground Railroad Tree". This is a highly recomended tour if you have an opportunity. Some walking, but worth the exercise. By the way, Sue Gillespie Rosier '63 and Andrea Rogin Stanger '60 were both at the original sit in at F.W. Woolworths in downtown Greensboro. When they were asked what they wanted to order, they replied...."those 4 boys were here before us, so you should serve them first." So they all sat without being served.

Many other Guilford students joined in and sat with the 4 African Americans at the counter (sitting doing their homework). This Woolworths has been turned into a Civil Rights Museum and is worth a visit (134 S. Elm St. Ph. 336-274-9199). The history is very well documented, and they kept the original counters just as they were back in February 1960 during the sit in.

The Museum would like to know the names of others from Guilford who particpated. Also, Gertrude Beal, Manager of Prospect Research at Guilford, has been working to have the Museum give credit to Guilford College for the student participation. Please pass any information on to Gertrude (, 336-316-2154).