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Diane Greenberger, Norton Herrick, and Ann Schneper were planning to come, but didn't make it. We missed seeing them.

Joe Ferraro - Steve Storgion - Maggie Valero - Libby Thompson - Maryclare Dempsey -Elaine Byram Byrne - Natalie Douglas


posted 10/11/2013

Irma Taylor McKenna - Bill Johnson - Ann Perry Johnson (posted 10/20/2013)

.............................Mike Puskar and Carolyn Cowan

Sue Rosier - Kevin Flynn - Barbara Zeis Flynn - Edie Sieben - Anne DeNunzio - Ruth Keenan - Paul McNaughton

Joan Tinus - Mike Puskar - Peggy Swetz - Gerri Lucky


John Angelis - Stevie Solodar Angelis - Elaine Fenton - Carolyn Cowan






Gwen Van Riper - Larry Van Riper............. Jim Meeker - Jim Jackson

Bruce Revesz - Nogah Revesz - Carolyn Cowan Lawrence - Debbie Gubin - Roberta Greenberg








Carol and Ron Pierson.................................Sandy Smith Webb and Phil Webb

The Class of 1956 50th Reunion

Many from the Class of 1956 were together since grade school.

Here is the 4th grade class from the Morris Plains Borough School. Most Graduated in our 1956 Class. (Photo courtesy of Ann Perry Johnson)

Top L-R : Diane Greenberger-?-Stuart MacDougall-Bob Schofield-Bob Scott-Barbara Wikander-Jessie-Bob Rosier-Jean Limber-Peggy Donahue-Gail

Mid: Dave Enman-Barbara Chen-Jean Bassford-Charles VanArsdale-Pete Thompson-Ken Campbell-Dick Sturtevant-Tom Hyland-Alan MacDougall-Ricky Snyder-Brian Rongo

Bot: Jane MacDougall-Bob Meeker-Don Whitehead-Burkett Drury-Nancy Sagert-Ann Marie Perry-Lynn Knipping-Beth Sine-Carol Sleever-Bob Sturtevant-Roselie




Whole New Meaning to "Senior Steps"











Pete Kerwien & Family

Christmas 2006





Jim Meeker, Larry Van Riper (in rear)

Ron Pierson, Fred Renigar, and

"Surprise" Volker Meinhold.







Jim Meeker, Ralph Banks, Don Decker

and Jimmie Jackson









Bob Rosier and Paul McNaughton












Colonial Band











Ray Kuhlman and Joe Brady






Diane Greenberger Ragin (We all know that smile) 

Sandy Freeman D'Aran & Len Kaplan











Edith Sieben Strelec and

Maryclare Dempsey Myers























Mary Lou Zilka Miller

& Husband Ray











Jane and Pete Thompson

















Peggy Swetz Peralis

Pat & Paul McNaughton

Ruth Allen Pingree & Robert Pingree





Jim Meeker - David Ressler

Larry Rosenhaus - Frank Graves

Don Decker








Norton and Elayne Herrick


(Sandy Freeman with her Brownie)











George Hayward & Lillian Schneper Riley











Jean Bassford Galbraith, Ann Perry Johnson

Nancy Sagert Warmington

Jim Galbraith









Ruth Allen Pingree

Husband Robert Pingree














Evester & Betty Foote












Marilyn Hiler Bendel

Barbara Wikander Coaker & Bill Coaker






Stuart Black and Nancy Black

Etta Levin Hecht & Warren Hecht








Phil Webb & Sandy Smith Webb









Brian Rongo

Wins Video of "Youth's Bright Years"

by John T. Cunningham

















Maryclare Dempsey Myers

Evester Foote wins Colonial Shirt


















Maryclare , Don Decker and Frank Graves

...........Frank accepting Brick in Alumni Walk














Valerie Hoffman McAward

Winner of 1 year membership in Alumni Association

























Brenda Nolan Gussler, Maryclare Dempsey Myers

Nancy Sagert Warmington

Winner of 1 year membership in Alumni Association












Bob Corea - Prize winner of Alumni Membership























Pete Kerwien and his 1927 Roadster...Wow








Do you Remember Nort's Car ?

Norton Herrick's Customized 1949 Ford Coupe

Dig those Fender Skirts & White Walls








Morris Plains Underpass

Circa 1930











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