Family "Screw-Up" Award

                                                                                                                      The Ugly Duck Award



  This is an idea I came up with and it has been so much fun that I think all families should adopt.  The "screw-up" award is a floating trophy that any family member can receive if he or she performs a dumb act.  The trophy should be as ugly as possible. The recipient must display this trophy in a highly visible location, and explain the "screw-up" to anyone who asks. There is also a journal in which the act must be recorded, often in a poetic manor. The only way a person can rid themselves of this award, is for someone else in the family to commit a dumb act. After a majority family vote, the trophy would then be transferred to this new recipient.


Present recipient of the Ugly Duck Award Jeanette Lighthall


Just so you get the idea, here is the first entry in our family journal........